Thank you for listening.

My father, Jim Von Stein, is a songwriter, who in his lifetime, has written over 5000 songs. He first wrote lyrics and poetry as a child and into his adulthood. At age 30, his wife, Becky Von Stein, bought him an Aspen guitar for Christmas. He then began to write songs.

My father still writes. He writes about everything, on anything. He is an amazing story teller. His songs can make you laugh, cry, move, or sway. His songs, more than anything, make you feel human.

Emphysema, a word that is hard to spell and harder to deal with, has taken a hold of my father. While he still writes, playing is a lot harder now. Playing out in public is not an option.

He did have a son though, who loves him more than words. So I play his songs out. Mostly at open mics, really any place that will give me their time to listen to his stories.

I recently completed a music video for my father. In all the years he has written, he never had a proper music video. I took it to Kickstarter, and for 30 days, I uploaded a new track each day, with corresponding ideas for music videos...



The track with the most "likes" would get a music video created. Amazingly, I was able to fund the music video. I released the video at Christmas. 

It isn't lost on me, how lucky I am to have such an amazing father, who happens to be an amazing songwriter. There are no words to express how grateful I am that people listened to my father’s stories and believed in them enough to actually fund a music video. What started as a dream, became a reality. 

It just so happens that the music video idea for "Streets of Chicago" was my father’s, which thrills me. We still have 29 plus music video ideas remaining though. And 5000 plus songs, beyond that.

Ideally, I would like to make more music videos. I would like to get my father’s stories to the world. I also would like to use them to help Emphysema awareness, and awareness for other issues that affect us all. 

The math of it would be, I would need at least $1000 to make each video. I have done this 3 times now with great success...

$1000 secures actors, editors, crew, locations, and equipment. The rest is made of love. 

Thank you again for listening, My father truly is an amazing man. He is my best friend. He is a great storyteller. 

Thank you for listening to his words.