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Streets Of Chicago

Winner of "The Jim Von Stein 5000 Song Project"


Happy Family - Ryan Holloway Inc.

Happy/Mad Couple - Ravikash Saini & Jessica Ainsworth

Map Lady - Jessica Ainsworth

Direction Giver - Tara Moore

Breakdancers - Jon Carr & Ravikash Saini

Flower Lady - Caroline Björklund

Little Musician - Adrian Björklund

Clown - Laura Lockie

Clown Kidos - Janiya Crawford, Jayda Wicker, Orlando Wicker, Gabriel Green, Farris Holland, Caleb Holland, Ashton Reese

Watchman - Joel DeVisser

Wrechman - Chip Jones

Expert - Chuck Fallaw

Teacher - Dan Oakes

Students/Gifted Kids - Asher Holloway & Jack Holloway

Dog - Ranger

Cat - Midnight

Newspaper Man - David Lindabury

Fired/Hired Man - Erik Mathis

Hamburger Man - Jordan Stockton

Sax Man - Danny Boylan

Guitar Legend - Barrett Roth

Librarian/She Devil - Sydney Roth

Marshmallow Man/Cool Dude - Uncle Bill Von Stein

Marshmelloers - Jon Carr, Ravikash Saini, Jessica Ainsworth, Sydney Roth, Barrett Roth, Uncle Bill Von Stein

Hat Lady - Momma Von Stein

Car Driver - Jim Von Stein

Crazy Eyes - Moo O’Leary

Music Video Team Director - Jason Von Stein

Director of Photography - Christian Monckeberg

Assistant/Make Up - Sam Drog

Editors - Jordan Stockton & Dan Oakes

Producers - Christian Monckeberg, Jordan Stockton, Dan Oakes, Jason Von Stein

Music Track Team

Recording Engineer/Producer - Sean Allan Stemmerman Drums/Base/Keys - Sean Allan Stemmerman

Lead Guitars - Barrett Roth

Tenor Sax - Danny Boylan

Vocals/Rhythm Guitar - Jason Von Stein

Songwriter - Jim Von Stein

Kickstarter Video Team

Director of Photography - Chase Breedlove

Editor - Trevor Bartlett

Writers Team - Rachel Marshall, Caroline Björklund, Sam Drog, Jim Von Stein, Becky Von Stein

Made with love in GA with the pros at M-TechProMedia. Thanks to everyone that made the project come alive, from the Kickstarter team creating an amazing video. All of you amazing people who backed the Kickstarter, allowing the project to come alive. The amazing writers who pitched in their ideas for music videos. The amazing cast who each brought a special magic to their parts. The incredible crew worked so hard to get the project together. Everyone who gave me their time. I love you all. You have made my fathers dream come true. Thank you Dad, for giving us so many wonderful stories, and bringing people together.

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